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From Venus

With Love

Summer of Love

There are times when the best way to illuminate the present is to look back at the past.  In “From Venus, With Love,” under the guise of a light-hearted mystery, we discover the seeds of the Women’s Movement and how very little some things have changed since then.  

It is Summer, 1967, The Summer of Love.  A mysterious woman (Jenn Plotzke) leads a female cult, pursued by a down-on-her-luck detective (Gillien Goll)  determined to discover her true identity and rescue her goddaughter (Kayla Kusy).


"From Venus With Love" is a short film about 

 about Women, Friendship, Cults, Love, Honesty, Self-Trust, Aliens, Gender Equality, World Peace, and Long Hair. 


We picture this film to be a celebration of women, of friendship, of community and of a time of Hope.  With an all female cast and crew, production is aimed for late summer 2022. Eve Brandstein is set to direct and female DP, Conner Daniels will capture it all!  Our Editor, Jessica Green, is also an actor in the film, as are our Producers, Jenn Plotzke and Gillien Goll, who is also the author. The cast is rounded out with Laura Dowling Shea, Genny Padilla, and Florence Regina, among others to be cast.

women's group
flower children
women march for peace
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Central Park Summer
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